Wyvern & St Edmund’s Learning Campus

From September 2018 Wyvern college and St Edmund’s Girls’ School propose working more closely together under the leadership of one Headteacher, Mrs Nicola Bull.

Many thanks to all parents and prospective parents who attended our information and consultation evenings regarding the plans for collaborative work from September 2018. We have received much positive feedback from parents, but we are also aware that, inevitably, there will be unanswered questions and some information passed around that is incorrect. As an example of this, we heard last week that we are apparently going to change the uniform for both schools and that the PE kit will be the same for the schools. These rumours are untrue!

Please use the FAQ documents for your reference and we would be very pleased if you would contact us should you have any question at all. Even the most seemingly trivial question is really important to us. Please email Lynne Carley, Executive Assistant at lcarley@magnalearningpartnership.org.uk and we will respond as swiftly as we can.

We will be in touch again shortly after the half term break to update you with our plans.

Nicola Bull                                                                Sarah Busby

Headteacher                                                  Executive Headteacher

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