Wyvern and St Edmund’s Learning Campus – RECORD RESULTS! →

This year’s GCSE results for Wyvern College and St Edmund’s are extremely impressive. Early indicators suggest that the headline results, including the Progress 8 scores for both schools are the best in a long time.

Wyvern College students have had a fantastic year, breaking all previous records at the school for attainment and progress. 64% of students achieved passes in both English and Maths; an 18% increase from last year. 100% of students at Wyvern College have achieved 8 GCSE qualifications and the Science GCSE results also improved dramatically, with 34% more students gaining passes than last year. Whilst a progress score is still speculative until national validation, Wyvern looks to place itself in the top 20% of schools nationally.

St Edmund’s remain on top form, improving even further on last year’s results and gaining their best results since 2014. They are predicting a Progress 8 score which would place them significantly above other schools nationally. 74% of students achieved passes in both English and Maths and students achieving grade 5 and above in both English and Maths improved by 9% from last year. Nearly 90% of students gained a pass in English with a quarter of all students gaining the top grades of 7 or above!

Headteacher of the Wyvern-St Edmund’s Learning Campus, Nicola Bull said, “We are absolutely delighted with the results at both schools. This an early indication of the positive impact the two schools working together has had on the education of all students. The results are record–breaking and are a fantastic signal for the future success of the Wyvern-St Edmund’s collaboration.”

Natalie Hardy was the top achiever at St Edmund’s gaining an incredible six grade 9s. Tom Halsey was the top achiever at Wyvern gaining three grade 9s, four grade 8s amongst his ten qualifications. Lydia McInerney was also one of the top four best achieving students at St Edmund’s gaining three of the very top GCSE grades of 9 amongst a number of grade 8 and 7s. She said, “I was hoping for a great set of results, but you can never be sure. I am thrilled!”