School Improvement Plan

Wyvern St Edmund’s School Improvement Plan 2019/20: For Families

UPDATE January 2020

Although we are still celebrating students achieving the best results ever in 2019 and being the best school in the area, every school, every year, always has things that they can improve. At WSE, it is the relentless drive for continuous improvement that ensures that students are happy and successful during their time with us.

We have attached a short summary  of the progress we have made with regard to our School Improvement Plan so far this year:  the things that we are working on to become the very best version of ourselves. You will see that we have written a little bit more of an explanation in italics as we appreciate that some of the school ‘jargon’ may be a little tricky to understand at times. I hope you find this a useful and interesting document to read.

Nicola Bull


Wyvern St Edmund’s Learning Campus

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