Personal Development Days 2018-2019

Personal Development Days (formerly Curriculum Acceleration Days) are collapsed timetable days held throughout the school year. This year seven Personal Development Days will be held. Students are given the opportunity to participate in activities, events and trips that are designed to enhance their curriculum, create further opportunities for their social, moral, cultural and spiritual development and to develop the attributes required in preparation for life in modern Britain.

The dates of this year’s Personal Development Days are below. Your child will be informed of their activity shortly before the day itself and will be told if there any special requirements, for example: wearing PE kit to school.

For more information about Personal Development Days please contact Mrs Bellamy, Assistant Headteacher at

Personal Development Days 2018-2019

Term 1 – Tuesday 16th October

Term 2 – Wednesday 21st November; Thursday 6th December

Term 3 – Thursday 24th January

Term 4 – Wednesday 13th March

Term 5 – Friday 10th May

Term 6 – Friday 28th June

Personal Development Day timings

AM reg 8.20-8.25
Session 1 8.25-9.15
Session 2 9.15-10.05
Break 10.05-10.25
Session 3 10.25-11.15
Session 4 11.15-12.05
LUNCH 12.05-12.50
PM reg 12.50-12.55
Session 5 12.55-1.45
Session 6 1.45-2.35
Evaluation 2.35-2.50