Uniform and PE Kit

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Black school trousers (not jeans, not chinos)
White shirt
Wyvern tie
Black V neck jumper with Wyvern logo
Dark socks
Black formal shoes, not trainers, canvas shoes or shoes with white markings
Belts should be unobtrusive

All coats should be plain and with a zip or button fastening at the front, no hoodies.

Prefects will be identified with a different design tie and prefect badge.

PE Kit

  • Reversible rugby shirt (black and gold or plain black)
  • Football shorts (black)
  • Polo shirt (black with logo)
  • Football socks (black/gold with Wyvern lettering)
  • Football or rugby boots
  • Trainers for indoor lessons
  • Students may wear the optional rain jacket for outdoor lessons.
  • All jewellery must be removed for PE lessons
  • Plain black fleece



  • Students may wear a watch, a cross or St Christopher on a fine chain, and one pair of small sleepers or small studs for pierced ears – in lobes only
  • Nose studs, eyebrow studs, tongue studs, studs in the top of the ear or any other facial or body piercing jewellery are not allowed.  Plastic retainers are also prohibited. All such body jewellery must be removed; covering them with plasters is not acceptable
  • No rings are permitted
  • No visible body piercing apart from one set of earrings


  • Long hair should be tied back for health and safety reasons in practical lessons.
  • No extremes of hair style or fashion are acceptable, including the beading of hair and cutting below a number 2 grade
  • If hair is dyed, it must be dyed a natural hair colour


  • Baseball caps, hats and hoods are not allowed and must be removed upon entry to indoor spaces

The school cannot accept any liability for clothing and possessions, including mobile telephones and other electronic devices, including occasions where they are stowed in lockers or locked rooms. The School will only accept responsibility for items where it has agreed to do so, such as if items are handed into the PE staff for safekeeping during the lesson.  Please make sure all uniform and PE kit is labelled clearly.

Lost property
Lost property is handed to reception where we will make every effort to reunite it with its owner.  Students should check at reception if they have mislaid items.

The power-point gives some clarification regarding acceptable styles in readiness for September so please do have a look at them before buying uniform for your child as our expectations of shoes have changed slightly.

The power-point also clarifies appropriate coats and trousers.

Wyvern Uniform- September 2018