The Science department at Wyvern College is a highly motivated team which is made up of both very experienced and newly qualified staff. Our common goal is to continue to raise standards and quality of the curriculum provided, as well as inspiring all pupils to be curious about the world of science around them.


The National Curriculum is taught to ability sets at KS3 and 4. In year 7 & 8 students will learn about living cells, circuits, separation techniques, particle theory and space.  Biology topics studied include Variation, Microbes, Bodyworks, Digestion, Movement and Photosynthesis.  In Chemistry students study Indicators, Atoms and Elements, Compounds and Molecules, the Rock Cycle and Chemical Change.  In Physics the topics studied include Forces, Energy, Heat Transfer, Machines, Sound and Controlling Electricity.

At KS4, years 9, 10 and 11 are allocated nine hours per fortnight and begin the GCSE course.  We offer a range of GCSEs: Core Science, Additional Science, Biology, Physics and Chemistry with AQA exam board.  Our schemes of work are currently being enhanced to fully meet the new requirements at KS4.

The team is housed in four new purpose built laboratories with two preparation areas.  All accommodation is equipped with data projectors and interactive whiteboards.

The department has excellent technician support which facilitates subject teaching centred on developing practical scientific skills. Laboratory and practical provision are excellent with a wide range of experimental apparatus in each area.


The department has good links with primary schools and encourages visits and joint activities.

Science trips and extra-curricular activities are seen as an important enrichment of science education.  In the last year the department was involved in a whole range of activities such as the Thorpe Park Physics demonstrations during national science week and ZooLab.  We run a Science and a STEM club, both of which are popular. There are also many links with the local community being developed through the STEM Ambassadors Program. We invite outside speakers to inspire our pupils and take them on trips to maintain a curiosity about science.