Key Stage 3

History at Wyvern College is a whistle stop tour of all the major events of the past thousand years. You will learn about the people, places, beliefs and events which have shaped the world we live in today. We study life in a medieval village, the conflicts of the twentieth century, the development of the industrial revolution and many more exciting topics. We do not believe that students should learn History; we believe that students should DO History themselves and therefore we offer a number of trips which will enhance your understanding of the past.

In year 7, History is covered through humanities lessons alongside RE and Geography, where as in year 8 and 9 it separates out into an exclusive subject again. This allows you to get a taste of pure History in order to help your decision about options.

Key Stage 4

Students of History learn how to form an argument and use evidence to defend it; how to write clearly and effectively and of course, how to investigate the past. Historians are sought after in professions as diverse as journalism, the military, law, the arts and politics. Many students find that the study of History also supports them in their other subjects as these skills are valuable and easily transferred.


Full course GCSE in History