Wyvern College has a Local Governing Body (LGB) which provides focused governance.

Wyvern St Edmund’s LGB Governance Details


Name Governor Type and Appointing Body Appointment Date Term of Office Pecuniary/Material Interest or Additional Governor Role Specific Responsibilities Attendance for 2019/2020
Sarah Botwright


Trust Appointed (MLP Trust) 01/04/2020 4 years Employed by Test Valley School   2/2
Nicola Bull Headteacher (ex officio) 01/09/2017 N/A Employed by MLP


Sharon Evans Foundation (MLP Trust/SDBE) 15/05/2015


4 years No relevant interests Safeguarding 6/6
Susan Harvey


Parent (Parents/MLP Trust) 01/04/2020 4 years No relevant interests LGB Vice-Chair 1/2
Kelvin Inglis


Foundation (MLP Trust/SDBE) 31/12/2017 4 years No relevant interests   6/6
Zoe Lane Parent (Parents/MLP Trust)


01/04/2020 4 years No relevant interests   1/2
Andy Ritchie Trust Appointed (MLP Trust) 09/12/2020 4 years Spouse employed by MLP


Lucy Salisbury Foundation (MLP Trust/SDBE) 13/06/2017 4 years Trustee, Roche Court Trust

Trustee, La Folia

SEND 6/6
Denis Casey Trust Appointed (MLP Trust) 01/09/2020.  Resigned 08/12/2020 4 years Governor, Harnham Infants School   N/A
Helen Donnelly Trust Appointed (MLP Trust)


15/05/2019 Resigned 30/09/2020


4 years Employed by Amesbury Archer Primary School   4/6

The chair of the Local Governing Body is Mr Denis Casey who can be contacted via Mrs C Sawyer, Clerk to Governors at

Wyvern St Edmund’s Local Governing Body Details (Including Attendance and Pecuniary Interests).

Scheme of Delegation

The Local Governing Body is a constituent part of the wider governance structure of the Magna Learning Partnership. For more information about the governance of the Magna Learning Partnership please click here.