Expressive Arts Evening

As we know, November is the month of the Holy Souls and a time to remember loved ones and mark the sacrifice many have made in conflict so that we may enjoy peace in our world. Celebrating part of a wider school commitment to ‘Remembrance’, the boys of Wyvern College showcased their exceptional talents for the Performing Arts with an evening of art work, music, poetry and drama.
Parents, staff and governors gathered to marvel at the exhibition of art work on display and to listen to a flute recital on November 23rd 2017. The detail and accuracy of the boys’ charcoal drawings, tonal shading and interpretation of this year’s theme was highly impressive, as was our flautist’s rendition.

This was followed by several original pieces of verse, composed by the boys and read aloud. Their sensitivity for language and handling of rhyme was commendable, especially given the poignancy that experience and memories can provoke.
The final part of the evening was a performance of a play written by Mrs Wright about enlistment and the realities of trench warfare. The acting, staging, light and sound effects had the audience captivated throughout! The performance culminated in the ‘boys’ (referring here also to the ‘soldier boys of world war 1’) meeting their tragic, yet inevitable demise.
All eyes in the audience gazed at the trench and its casualties strewn across the stage. As the poppies fell from above, as one, we remembered.
It was clear to all that in this age of Talent Shows we need look no further than our own schools – a moving evening was enjoyed by all, reminding us of the power of the artistic, musical, expressive and performing arts our children experience in our schools.
Our thanks to Jo Wright, Carolyn Hudson, Luke Sawyer, James Clarke and Wendy Jones