Wyvern College Curriculum Statement

We aim to offer a curriculum that allows students to:

  • Discover their talents and passions
  • Fulfil their academic potential
  • Achieve more than they thought possible
  • Be inspired by the world around them
  • Be ready for and excited by the next stage of their education and on into their futures.

The curriculum at Wyvern College is designed to provide challenge and support in equal measure to ensure that all students can achieve their potential regardless of their ability or talent. We regularly review our curriculum to guarantee that it fits the needs of our students and we pride ourselves on providing an innovative and individualised approach to teaching and learning.

Our curriculum gives students the opportunity to achieve academic success and also develops them as independent learners and responsible citizens. Our moral purpose to equip students with the best possible chance of success in their futures is at the heart of every decision we make. This gives us a clear focus when we make decisions about the qualifications and programmes of study on behalf of our students.  Our school values of courage, commitment and compassion and the social, moral, spiritual and cultural development of students are key features of curriculum design and lesson planning in all subject areas.

As a Church of England Academy we place high value on the teaching of religious studies in order to provide students with knowledge of faith, spirituality, religions and beliefs. In doing so we are teaching our students to uphold the ‘British Values’ of tolerance and understanding and equipping them with the skills necessary to be responsible citizens.

We have designed a broad curriculum grounded in the areas of Maths, English, Science, Physical Education, Humanities, Languages, creative subjects and Technology. Within each subject is a focused and sequenced curriculum that develops a full range of skills and knowledge.

The curriculum is supported by the pillars of

  • Character
  • Culture and Cultural capital (including British Values)
  • Financial education
  • Computer literacy
  • Literacy and Numeracy

All students have an equality of opportunity and access to the curriculum, which is broadly in line with the national curriculum, providing the opportunity for all students to access the English Baccalaureate.

If you wish to know more about our curriculum and the principles which lie behind it please contact the Deputy Headteacher, Mr Daniel Jeffries at djeffries@wyvernsteds.org. Alternatively, you can view each subject area’s curriculum by selecting the appropriate links.