Apprenticeships combine practical training in a job with study.

An apprentice will:

  • work alongside experienced staff
  • gain job-specific skills
  • earn a wage and get holiday pay
  • get time for study related to the role (usually one day a week)

Apprenticeships take 1 to 5 years to complete depending on the level.

Levels of apprenticeship:

Apprenticeships have equivalent educational levels.

Name Level Equivalent educational level
Intermediate 2 GCSE
Advanced 3 A level
Higher 4, 5, 6 & 7 Foundation degree and above
Degree 6 & 7 Bachelor’s or master’s degree

Some apprenticeships may also give you an additional qualification, such as a diploma.

Students from St Edmund’s wishing to apply for an apprenticeship, will apply for a Level 2 or 3. In the future, students may have the opportunity to continue their apprenticeship to a higher level or start an apprenticeship post 18 (for example, from level 4 onwards after completing A Levels or equivalent).

There are 3 ways to apply for an apprenticeship:

  1. Approach an employer directly to enquire
  2. Enroll at a College who offers apprenticeships (for example, Wiltshire College)
  3. Apply directly through the Government’s apprenticeship web site.
    • Log on to the site below and register.
    • Once registered, you can sign up to be sent alerts as apprenticeship opportunities arise (based on criteria that you select)
    • For example, you can ask to be sent details of apprenticeships that come up within 10 miles of Salisbury in the field of accountancy.
    • If you are alerted of an apprenticeship that interests you, details will be given about how you can then apply for it.


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