Careers Information, Advice, Education and Guidance

At Wyvern St Edmund’s careers education is viewed as critical to young people’s success in raising their aspirations and ensuring they are able to become the very best version of themselves they can be.

Changes in the labour market locally, nationally and globally, driven by technological development and increasing globalisation means there are greater challenges and opportunities for young people entering the labour market. We want to challenge perceptions and raise aspirations so that subject and career choices are free from gender bias and the students are able to look beyond their immediate environment to new and exciting possibilities and be inspired about new opportunities they may not have known about or thought they could not achieve.

Careers Information Advice and Guidance enables our students to progress through learning and into work.  All students have to make important choices during their time at school and we have, therefore, developed a varied careers and work related programme that will allow our students to understand and develop the qualities, attitudes and skills needed for life and work.

Students and their parents have access to a range of support allowing them to learn about the local labour market requirements and future career paths.

We value the importance of excellent impartial careers advice and work with a variety of external agencies and local post-16 providers to share advice and guidance to support the future of each student.

We offer career guidance and work related learning opportunities from Year 7 through to Year 11 and our programme is delivered in a variety of ways;

  • Exclusive units within the PSHCE programme.
  • Embedded in all other subjects.
  • Personal Development Days.
  • Visits (for example to post 16 providers and universities).
  • Experts coming into the school (for example our careers adviser and local employers).
  • Through the pastoral education programme (delivered during tutor time).
  • Targeted initiatives.

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