Careers Information, Advice, Education and Guidance

Careers at Wyvern College

Mrs Sue Glover is our school careers adviser, providing impartial information, advice and guidance to students at Wyvern College. She is the director of Careers Solutions (Wiltshire) LTD and is a member of the Careers Development Institute and the Careers Professional Alliance. Having worked in the careers sector for 16 years Mrs Glover has extensive experience in many schools in and around the Salisbury area. She specialises in careers information, advice, and guidance for students between 14 –19 years of age, supporting them with self-development, career exploration and management. She advises on training and apprenticeship opportunities and further education pathways.

All students at Wyvern College are entitled to careers information, advice and educational guidance. Your son can arrange this via his tutor or head of year or by contacting Mrs Glover directly.

Further information about the careers information and guidance offered by Wyvern College can be found here.

Wyvern College has signed up to Careers Companion, which is an up to date web-portal with lots of information and guidance about careers. Please click here for further information and log-in details.

Mr M Hunt Assistant Head and Careers Lead
(overall responsibility for careers)
Mrs S Glover Independent Careers Advisor
Mrs T Parry Careers Librarian 
Julia Wheatley

Linda Knapp

Lead Governors