Performing Arts

Drama at Wyvern is aimed at encouraging students to develop a range of core skills. Exploring a range of theatrical styles and forms as well as a foundation set of skills focusing on movement gestures and characterisation are key concepts included in the curriculum.

Students will learn to…

  • Use a variety of dramatic conventions to exploring ideas, issues, texts and meanings
  • Use different ways to convey action, gestures, characters, atmosphere and tension in scripting and performing plays
  • Use a range of source material to create a performance as well as scripting independent performance and including stage directions and subtext
  • Evaluate and reflect on the performances of others


Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 GCSE
Term 1+2 Introduction to Drama



Term 3+4 Music and performing Melodrama: sound effects and characterisation The Curious incident of the dog in the Night-time:

Stage and set Design

Lord of the Flies
Term 5+6 Voice, movement and Gestures part 1 Murder mystery:

Accusation, characterisation

Macbeth: full group stage workshops Exam preparation